Police chief resigns over alleged racially-charged texts

GRANTVILLE, Ga. -- The small city of Grantville is looking for a new police chief after the abrupt resignation of the man who held the position for three years.

"It was unacceptable. I suspended him and he resigned before the city council could take up the matter, " said Mayor Jim Sells.

Mayor Sells was referring to Doug Jordan who stepped down from his post Sunday after a series of text messages surfaced that Sells called "profanity laced and unacceptable".

"He was communicating with officers in the field and there was a lot of profane language and the N-word was used. There's just no justification for that," said Sells.

Sells said he confronted Jordan with copies of the texts and that Jordan took responsibility.

"He admitted there's some culpability there. He has apologized," said Sells.

In fact, Sells says Jordan apologized personally to each individual who works in city hall before resigning.

"I think a lot of the chief. He messed up, there's no question," said Sells.

Sells said he was sad to see the former chief resign, but believes he wouldn't have survived a council vote to save his job.

"When you're carrying a gun and a badge and holding people accountable for obeying the law you have to have the utmost in credibility," said Sells.

The city is now looking for a new police chief and is already receiving applications.


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