Is it normal for Clinton to have an ambulance?

GREENSBORO, N.C. - While waiting for Hillary Clinton's plane to land in Greensboro, I tweeted out a picture of her motorcade. I just thought it was a cool panoramic photo to show how many cars were in this thing. But within minutes - people on Twitter started calling out one part of the photo.

Notice it? John from Charlotte was the first to tweet: "With an ambulance in the line up."

Then the tweet exploded! With people like Lynn writing: "Love the ambulance! A Most when carrying around such a sickly candidate! Never no when it will be needed." PC added: "Ambulance driver-game on with her current condition. Let's hope she can survive NC." And another user even zoomed in for the screen shot - adding "for when her pneumonia kicks in again."

CNN Political Contributor Scottie Nell Hughes tried to calm the concerns tweeting:

Which led to others responding:

So is it fact or fiction there's always an ambulance in Secret Service motorcades? I called up the folks in DC to find out. Officially, a spokesperson tells me, "ambulances accompanying the Secret Service detail is standard procedure."

The reason Donald Trump doesn't have one is because he wasn't already a secret service protectee before the election. Since Clinton is a former first lady, she gets more security than an average presidential candidate.

One of tweet of mine has also been of interest to people worried about Clinton's health. Video showing she can actually walk down the stairs by herself, as long as you don't think that's a #HillaryBodyDouble.

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