Obama jokes about governors aspiring to be president

When President Obama speaks to the National Governors Association on Monday, several of his listeners would no doubt like to have his job.

During the toast at the governors' dinner Sunday at the White House, Obama said, "we want to make sure that all of you make yourselves at home — to which I'm sure some of you are thinking, 'that's been the plan all along.'"

Potential 2016 presidential candidates in the crowd included Republican governors Rick Perry of Texas (who also ran in 2012), Mike Pence of Indiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Democratic governors Martin O'Malley of Maryland and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts may also explore presidential runs.

Vice President Biden, another potential White House aspirant in 2016, also attended the dinner.

State houses have often been springboards to the White House, as proved in recent decades by Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

In his remarks, Obama also provided some historical perspective for ambitious governors, citing the words of a famous chief executive from New York.

Obama said, "keep in mind what a wise man once wrote: 'I am more than contented to be governor and shall not care if I never hold another office' — of course, that was Teddy Roosevelt.

"So I guess plans change."


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