Putin on Obama: 'Who is he to judge?"

Russian leader Vladimir Putin had some harsh words for President Obama when asked about Obama's claim that Putin has lied about Russia's involvement in promoting unrest in Ukraine.

"Who is he to judge?" Putin told CNBC in an interview aired Friday. "Who is he to judge, seriously? If he wants to judge people, why doesn't he get a job in court somewhere?"

The Russian president also said of Obama: "I don't think he accused me. It's his point of view. And I have my point of view when he comes to certain things."

Many U.S. officials have accused Russia of encouraging protests in neighboring Ukraine, some of which led to the Russian annexation of the Crimea region.

Putin, interviewed by CNBC during an economic conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, said he will support the Ukraine election to be held Sunday.

Russia will "have respect for the choice that the Ukrainian people make," Putin said.

"Of course, we will cooperate with the newly elected head of state," Putin said. "I'm not kidding, and I'm not being ironic, What we want for Ukraine is peace and calm. We want this country to recover from crisis."

From CNBC:

"Putin spoke two days before Ukraine holds its first presidential election since Russia seized its Crimean peninsula earlier this year, and since pro-Russian separatists began battling with security forces in east Ukraine.

"The Russian leader acknowledged that U.S.-led sanctions have hurt Russia, but he said that Russian is not 'trying to fence ourselves out from the world.' ...

"Asked about Edward Snowden, the former American government security contractor who has leaked details of National Security Agency spying programs, Putin suggested he wasn't Russia's problem. Russia has granted Snowden temporary asylum."


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