Senator Johnny Isakson hosts Dublin town hall

A VA Reform Bill that was recently signed into law a week ago was just one topic on the table at a town hall meeting Senator Johnny Isakson hosted in Dublin.

He touched on several other topics, including the recent change in leadership for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other subjects included immigration reform and active duty soldiers losing their jobs because of budget cuts.

Recently, audits on VA hospitals nationwide showed employees keeping false records to hide long wait times for veterans.

Isakson called the VA Reform Bill a step in the right direction.

"We've given the leadership of the VA, the authority to fire people for accountability reasons which they haven't had in the past. We've created much more transparancy, we've created choice," Isakson said Thursday, "Veterans can go to the VA facility or if they can't get a timely appointment, they can do it through a medicare approved doctor in the community."

Larry Harper, a veteran who retired in 1998, asked Isakson why soldiers on active duty were losing their jobs.

Isakson said the 2011 sequestration, when more than 2 trillion federal tax dollars were cut, is to blame.

"Congress has turned its back on its responsibility and left sequestration in place and not made the cuts it should have made," he said, "Therefore the military has no opportunity to do anything other than cut like every other bit of government's done across the board."

Isakson says veterans having problems making appointments at VA hospitals should call the office of their area's congressman or senator.


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