Potential juror in Ross Harris trial: 'I'm a seer'

Jury selection Week 2 in Ross Harris murder trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The second week of jury selection for the Ross Harris murder trial is underway and is now roughly halfway through.

Ross Harris is the Cobb County father accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son in a hot SUV to die back 2014.. The case had to be moved out of the metro area to Brunswick in South Georgia because not enough impartial jurors could be found.

Jury selection has been moving faster this time around, and prosecutors secured 23 qualified jurors last week.

Among the jurors chosen so far is a man who says he's a minister that can read minds.

“I'm a seer,” the man said inside the courtroom. “A seer is like a prophet, but I see things. The lord sent me on a mission eight years ago to start looking at the way people think.  It's not necessarily a brain thing. I can spend time with someone, and of course with the lord's intervention, and tell things.
If I tell that in of a bunch of people it kind of gets goofy quick.”

Attorneys on both sides will be given 13 preemptory strikes each, and legal experts say it’s likely that particular juror won't make it onto the final panel.

At the beginning of this week, attorneys started questioning a new group of 36 prospective jurors.

“We're hoping for a number this week which will put us at 46, maybe getting up to as much as 50,” said Cobb County court administrator Tom Charron said. “So right now we're still on track.”

But finding jurors who’ve heard nothing about the case is proving challenging. So far, 21 out of the 36 possible jurors say they've formed some opinion in the case. Everybody but one potential juror said they have heard something in the case.

Still, the judge and attorneys on both sides think they can ultimately be impartial during the trial.

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