'Naughty' worksheet at local school draws controversy

Parent upset with 'suggestive' test

COVINGTON, Ga. -- Local parents are outraged after they say their teenagers were given a sexually suggestive IQ test at a private Christian school. 

11Alive received a photo from the concerned parent of a Covington Academy student that shows a fill-in-the-blank test that students were asked to complete.

According to the photo, exercises included fill-in-the-blank problems such as “F_ _ K,” “PU_S_,” and “P_N_S”.
The parent felt this test, which can be completed using an assortment of different words, was sexually suggestive and inappropriate.

"It's absolutely disgusting. It's disgusting," Amber Maghon said.

Looking at this "IQ Test", there are certain words that could come to mind.

It's gone viral on Facebook because the way some people first read it. And that's how Maughon's 13-year-old daughter read it as well.

"My mouth just dropped open," she said.

This particular test was given to a class of students with special needs.

Parents have told 11Alive that they spoke to the school and were told by officials that the test was acceptable.

"The teachers don't have to have their material that they teach in class approved, so here we are," Maghon said.

When asked about the test, the school system referred our questions to their attorney who denied the claims suggesting the person who shared the photo may have had an ulterior motive.

“In fact, only someone with a Freudian focus (or a disgruntled parent) would see anything sexual regarding this test,” Attorney John L. Strauss said in an emailed statement.

He also included examples of students answering the questions with completely non-offensive words.

“It is obvious that the words from which the children were to choose letters to complete the words/fill in the blanks were not in any manner sexually suggestive,” Strauss said. “Actually, there is no way that these particular students would have even considered anything about this assignment as sexually suggestive.”

He also said the test included "clues" that would have led the students to the correct answers.

"I've got a picture of it written on the board in class and I don't see a word bank beside it," Maghon said.

The school attached a correct answer sheet from one of the kids in the class. But Maghon said that's just not what teenagers are thinking.

"I'm pretty levelheaded and I can't wrap my mind around it," she said. "I can't wrap my mind around that it's an OK thing."

She said she shouldn't have to spell out her concerns.

"Ashamed for my child to have had to go through that," Maghon said. "Embarrassed for her - disgusted. I'm humiliated for her. I'm angry as a parent. I see no right in this."

A quick search on Google for “Fill in the blank, dirty mind, Facebook post” immediately reveals two versions of the test commonly shared on social media.

Both include the exact same test questions shown in the photo allegedly taken at the school along with the same answers provided by the school’s legal counsel. However, one also includes the statement “You got all 6 wrong, didn’t you? You dirty minded freak!” 

Covington Academy is a charter school located in Newton County that offers education to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The school says there was nothing wrong with the test and they stand behind their teacher.

Maghon said she's pulling her daughter out of the private Christian school and sending her back to public school the following week.

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