13WMAZ's Marvin James loses more than 100 pounds

Weight gain and weight-loss are very personal struggles. It's difficult enough, without doing it front of bright lights, cameras and thousands of people watching.

Our Marvin James did both, right in front of you.

STORY: Habits lead sports anchor to obesity

Here's how he is losing the pounds, and at the same time, gaining so much.

With that number, 440 pounds, staring back at him from the scale, Marvin felt he could choose one of two paths.

He said, "Sometimes you feel like, why even bother?"

Too many times before, he chose apathy. Last March, he chose action.

Marvin said, "For 30 days, I'm going to give myself the best fitness, the best nutrition, and if nothing moves, I can be fat for the rest of my life."

He never considered surgery. He says he never felt pressured by station management to change.

Marvin said, "No one has ever asked me or told me, 'You need to lose weight'."

That's with the exception of his wife, Damita, and daughter, Drew, out of love.

Surprisingly, Marvin didn't have high blood pressure or cholesterol, but Damita felt time was ticking.

She and Drew changed their eating habits and increased exercise, two years ago.

Ten-year-old Drew said, "He wouldn't like go walking or running with us."

Then April 1 2013, Marvin came along. He joined the ladies, walking and eating healthier. That included more vegetables and fewer calories.

Damita said, "We don't eat fast food at all."

The pounds started to move with regular cardio. It took the urging of a former high-school teammate to get him over the edge.

Trainer at Edge Fitness in Warner Robins, Josh Nelson, said, "I said, 'Marvin, I need at least two days, give me just two days'."

Nelson got that two-day a week commitment from Marvin. As Marvin's waist-line shrunk, he promised three days to Nelson.

Nelson says in six months, Marvin has not missed a single day.

Marvin says he's doing the work for himself, his family, friends, and oddly enough, you: the people watching him at home.

He said, "Like it or not, I'm in the public eye. I have a responsibility, and I take that very seriously."

So, it was a big moment in January, when Marvin chose to deliver his sports-cast, not separated from his co-anchors, but sitting beside them, at the desk.

Talking about that night, he said, "This is me wearing a jacket and a tie for the first time in almost ten years. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my career."

He loves the support, and the opportunities better health may afford him.

His daughter, Drew, said, "I really do think he will like to see how I grow up."

Still, past choices haunt him.

Marvin said, "It's hard for me to hear accolades about 'good job' of doing something I had to be very selfish to do in the first place. I placed myself in this position, and I thank God for allowing me to get out of it."

You can bet he's taking every opportunity to make the most of it.

Standing at the starting line of his fourth race in the past year, Marvin knows better health, probably set the finish line of life, much further down the road.

Since April, Marvin has shed about 145 pounds and lost eight pant sizes. That's 20 inches off his waist.

As for those trademark Polo shirts, he's gone from a size 6X to a 2X.


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