Teens burn helpless turtle, stomping it to death

ORANGE PARK, FL (WXIA) – Two Florida girls are under investigation by state wildlife officials, and face possible charges of animal cruelty.

The commission was alerted after video of the teenagers dowsing a small gopher turtle with a flammable substance before setting it on fire, then stomping it to death, appeared this week on Facebook. In the graphic video, the girls can be heard laughing and bragging at what they are doing to the turtle.

In the video, the turtle can be seen trying to escape after the flammable substance is poured on it, and a lighter used to set it ablaze.

"He's not dead yet," one girl can be heard saying on the video. "I just want him to die."

Later, after the turtle has been stomped until it is dead, one of the girls laughs before kicking the shell.

"He's dead," she says. "That's funny."

The video was later deleted by the girls, but a Nevada animal rights group reposted the video in order to provide a means for law enforcement to find and apprehend the girls.


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