Ways to enjoy healthier snacking

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Most of us snack twice a day and, on average about 25 percent of the calories we eat in a day are coming from snacks. Kowalski’s Nutritionist, Susan Moores joined us on KARE11 News@4 Today with some suggestions on how to make snacks matter more.

Determine why you wish to snack.  Different reasons mean different foods should be in the mix.

Include 2-3 foods groups in your snack.  Ideally, a fruit or vegetable is part of your snack;  the more you eat each day, the better. Add to it:

Wholesome carbohydrates, for their energy and fiber, which more evenly parses out how the energy is released into your body.

Protein-rich foods, such as cheeses, nuts, nut butters, cottage cheese, plain or savory yogurts which slow digestion and tend to keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.

Eat vs. drink. It takes more time to chew food; it engages more of your senses and helps you feel full and energized longer.

 Keep calories in check and time it right. Keep snacks to ~300 calories and time them such that you come to your main meals hungry. Hold off on at least 1 hour before your next meal.



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