Fla. boa constrictor undergoes surgery for eating towel

Tampa, Florida (WTSP) -- As Dr. Julia Shakeri of BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa pulls a six-foot-long boa constrictor out of it's recovery cubicle, you'll notice there's something decidedly different about the slithering snake.

"He's still quite sedated," said Dr. Shakeri.

The nine-year-old ravenous reptile just underwent surgery, after eating something a little unconventional, along with his dinner.

Dr. Shakeri points to the snake's body, which is marked with a black marker.

"So, pretty much this is the entire length of towel in it. This is where the towel ended in the snake, and this is about where we did the surgical site and the towel started here," she describes the markings.

Turns out, the snake, named Killer, was eating a rat on Tuesday, who happened to be clinging to a towel, which ultimately got stuck.

"It can be life threatening, and treatment is surgery. [You want to] catch it before the intestines rupture."

Dr. Shakiri says while it may sound unusual to remove a towel from an animal, it's actually pretty common...just not for a snake.

Killer is expected to make a full recovery, and should be back to eating rats in about two weeks.


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