Woman's yard has 2-foot strand of bees

STONE MOUNTAIN – Viewer Jackie Egland of Stone Mountain contacted 11Alive News with this interesting story about a possibly frightening seasonal discovery in the yard.

"We were walking around the house and we noticed that there was this big string of bees just hanging down that wasn't there before," she told 11Alive.

Her amazing home photos and video show some strands of honeybees, one about 2 feet long, hanging from tree branches.

After doing some homework, she contacted the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association for help. They sent member Michael Schaaphok to remove them for free. Jackie got rid of the bees, and Michael got some new residents for his bee yard.

Gina Gallucci handles free removals for the association. She told 11Alive Jackie's call was just one of several over the last few days because this is the time of year swarms show up.

"It's good for the beekeeper because they get bees with different genetic traits than what they already have and it's good for the homeowner because they're helping with the perpetuation of the honey bees," she said.

Gallucci said such free rescues give the homeless bees a place to live in a new colony, help the environment and provide free honey for their keepers.

"It's really good and I think people should know about it so that if you have a swarm, you know how to call somebody and get them," said Jackie Egland.

Gallucci said homeowners should call while the bees are still in an open swarm. However, her association will remove them if they've moved inside a home, for a fee.

She also said the association can also teach people how to raise bees in their own apiary.


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