Athlete of the Week: Alex Knight

6:19 PM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
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Jones County Senior Alex Knight says his grandparents drive him to succeed on the football field and in the classroom.

"He lost a mother when he was in the 5th grade, and his grandparents have raised him," says head coach Dwight Jones. "Just the positive attitude he has, and he comes to try to get better every day. He's a leader for our football team, and he's just a quality young man."

Knight says, "They've gave so much for me and my brother and sister that just if it gives them enjoyment to come watch me play on Friday night, I just want to give it my all for them and just know that since I have this opportunity now that I want to make the best of it."

The Greyhounds quarterback wants pay it forward by becoming a doctor or nurse. So he's studying up in high school, taking classes like Therapeutics and Anatomy all while keeping a 91 average.

Knight says it's his time on the football field that will really give him a leg up in the medical field.

"Football has just taught me a lot about life," he says. "How to be mentally tough, and how to be able to overcome certain things, and I feel like being a doctor I can overlook some of the bad things and try to help them get better and stuff like that."

His coaches say one thing you can't overlook is Knight's contribution to the Greyhounds squad. He's been the starting quarterback for two years, and sometimes even steps up as defensive back.

Knight says, "I just try to keep everybody motivated when things go bad, just try to eliminate the mistakes and keep everybody positive and never keep anybody negative, and whenever I can make a play, I try to make a play, but overall I just try to help the team anyway I can."

"We've been blessed to have Alex," says Jones. "I think he's probably affected us in a positive way more than we've affected him in a positive way."

Knight will hang up his football gear after high school, but he says the lessons he's learned on the field and from his grandparents will stay with him forever.

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