Athlete of the Week: Wyyontee Glover

7:56 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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The Twiggs County basketball team is looking to bounce back from a rough season last year.

The Cobras have some leadership to lean on with senior Wyyontee Glover. The senior has his eye on criminal justice and has earned our 'Athlete of the Week' honors.

Glover sets the tone for practice.

He's a captain, and first-year Coach Ulysses Foston Junior says he will rely heavily on Glover's gifts.

"I'm looking for Wyyontee to lead this team," Foston said.

The kid poured in 18 points a game last season, but the Cobras struggled.

This year, Wyyontee made it his business to know every position and help out his teammates.

"Off the court, he'll ask questions. During study hall, he'll ask, 'Hey Coach, what do I do right here?' or 'Why is this guy doing this?,' Foston said. So he's taking it upon himself to make sure he knows all the positions on the court so he can coach and be the general on the floor."

General is a good word. He strategizes over his classwork just like he studies basketball.

The kid with the big smile says he puts in at least a couple of hours a night doing homework, and it's paid off. He had a solid "B" average and sits in the top third of his class.

"I just finished a three-page report for ROTC," Wyyontee said.

The military is an option. But Wyyontee really wants to shoot hoops in South Georgia and pursue a career where he will carry a badge.

"I would really like to go to Valdosta State. That is my first option because it's close to home and it offers what I want to major in. I want to major in criminal justice," Wyyontee said.

His coach believes that every dream will come true for his senior.

"His work ethic, his approach to life in genera,l in particular, basketball, he works hard at his goals and the things he likes," Foston said. "He's very capable of being successful academically on the college level. He has it in his mind that's what he wants to do."

Wyyontee really has to work some magic with his schedule and his grades.

Twiggs County only has one gym that they share with the middle school and the girls' high school team, so sometimes the guys have practice at six in the morning or at seven in the evening.

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