Athlete of the Week: Dominic Ligon

12:38 AM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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Dominic Ligon is just hours away from the biggest game of his life. A game he has loved since he was very young."It's just the game itself, been playing all my life, so it's all I know", said the senior.Dominic is the 6th man on the 28-3 Bleckley County Royals and willing to help his team any way he can.

"He understands the game" says head coach Clifford Kerbo."He understands his role. He doesn't go in there and try to do things beyond his capabilities and that's a good thing when you have a kid on the floor that knows what he's supposed to do."

"Basically I'm the 6th man", explains Ligon. "Coming off the bench. I don't start much but I get the hard rebounds, I basically do that."


On the floor, the Ligon is a student of the game and in the classroom he works just as hard.

"My grades matter way more than ball. I love ball to death but academics get way farther in life. I'm very proud. My parents pushed me to the fullest so if I come home with anything less than an A that's bad on me. I'm just glad that my parents pushed me and it worked out" Ligon proudly explains.

Kerbo echoes the sentiment, "He's going to be successful at whatever he does. Whatever he decides to do, he's going to probably be as successful. He's very concerned of his grades, about how he approaches basketball. He's just a super kid. I wish I had 10 Dominics as far as a person. He's a great person, great student, great kid and has been really helpful with us on this basketball team."

Being the son of a coach also doesn't hurt Ligon's skill set; in fact the wing man credits that in helping his development.

Ligon elaborates, "Being around it all the time and talking to my dad how it goes and seeing him coach himself kind of gives me advantage on everyone else. So it helps me out a lot."

Come Friday afternoon Ligon hopes to add state champ to his credits along with WMAZ's Athlete of the Week.


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