Stratford Eaglettes Soar into Title Game Undefeated

10:34 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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     It was a long off season preparing for 2013 after the Stratford Eaglettes bowed out of the GISA State playoffs in the semi finals last year. Injuries had finally caught up to a program that calls anything less than a state title, a failure.

     Well it's a new day and a new team taking the pitch at Spencer Frank Hayes field flying like an Eagle.

     The Eaglettes led by Coach Andrew Myler and 9 seniors, are soaring to the tune of 17-0. The team is unbeaten, untied, unblemished with their eyes set on a AAA state championship. Senior Allie Hale leads the charge as the school's leading scorer in a season and overall career but Myler says in order for his team to close the deal and win it all, everyone is going to have to contribute come game day. 

    Myler explains, "I think last week we didn't defend very well. I think the challenge this week has been to work on defending and to also finish the way we've been traditionally finishing this year. I think this is a team that has been playing together for a long time and they know each other very well. So we've take the time to work on our weaknesses. I think it would be a huge accomplishment for these girls who have been together since the 6th grade. I think it would be a statement from where they come from. I think it would be a strong statement for the work that Coach (James) Jordan has done for them and him, since he is leaving this year."

    Coach James Jordan, who is the Stratford boys coach, has been very vital in the development of the girls program but is leaving his post after the school year for a new job in Texas.
Stratford Girls will host Deerfield Windsor Saturday starting at 5:30pm, on the Stratford Academy campus.

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