Paw Print Camp is a Hit in Forsyth

8:30 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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It's a preseason softball tournament that started with just 6 teams now it's grown to 5 times as big. The annual Paw Print Softball camp hosted by Mary Persons has been a hit in Forsyth this week. The camp fielded 30 schools from across the state with more than 700 players over the past 5 days. There were 79 games across 5 different fields giving the diamond girls a chance to improve their skills over the summer in time for school tryouts then regular season play.

Shipman says, "It gives coaches a chance to see their players play together before the season starts and see what kind of younger talent is coming up. You can't get this kind of experience in practice, these are game like conditions. They get to see teams and pitchers they don't normally see that could help them out during the regular season. It also helps out the businesses and the economy around here so it's just a good camp for everybody."

Not much time for a break for these young ladies. Season starts for GHSA and GISA during the second week of August.

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