Mercer Starts First Game Week Prep

8:50 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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MACON-- An over 365 day wait is almost over for the Mercer football team.  They are just five days away from their first game in over 70 years.

Monday, the Bears were back on Anderson Field for practice after a break over the weekend.  The players say the coaches have been pushing them harder over the past two weeks.  Now, there's no time to waste with kickoff looming on Saturday.

"They're ready to play," said head coach Bobby Lamb.  "We're just trying to go over the finer things of the game and the finer points that are going to happen.  There's more of a sense of urgency every time we practice because we know game time is six o'clock on Saturday."

Mercer went through plays and situations for a little over two hours.

"We made some mental busts that we shouldn't have made," said quarterback John Russ.  "You know, it's Monday, you can use an excuse like that, but we really need  to be crisp out there and the coaches are forcing us to be crisp and we've got to be crisp tomorrow."

Coach Lamb told the players after practice he hopes to shorten practice each day to keep their legs fresh for Saturday.  That will depend on their execution over the next few days.


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