Athlete of the Week: Jordan Laskey

6:46 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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We are happy to begin our 'Athlete of the Week' series once again.

It's a time where we get to spotlight a girl or guy who is doing a fantastic job on the field, but more importantly, in the classroom.

We head to Tattnall Square Academy where Jordan Laskey is the center of attention.

On a Wednesday morning, senior Jordan Laskey is hunkered down over a statistics test in Mr. Haywood's advanced placement class.

It's a good bet senior Jordan will make the grade.

Haywood says Jordan has an innate ability to digest his lessons.

"He always grasps the material quickly and I've always been impressed with how intelligent he is," Haywood said.

It's hard not to be impressed.

The senior has a perfect record when it comes to his transcript.

He's managed to get straight As across the board, and that's with a half a dozen advanced placement and honors courses.

"Most of it just comes naturally I guess," Jordan said with a shy smile.

The kid is humble, but first year Tattnall Coach Clint Morgan is thrilled he gets to brag about a person so important to Tattnall's offensive scheme.

"You talk about an academic athlete, he is the definition of that," Morgan said. "He is the center, he calls out a lot of coverages and stuff like that, and blitz packages, and it's nice to have someone that smart that can do that. "

To get it all done, Jordan says he is thankful for a study hall period, but he also gets down to business after practice.

"After you get home at 7 or so, you got to eat, have dinner, and shower and everything," Jordan explained. "Before you know it, it's late in the night, if you have homework and projects to do, you've got to jump on that."

Jordan says he's applied to schools all over Georgia. He'd like to become an electrical engineer.

"We had a shadow day where and I shadowed Jimmy Dooly, who is a project manager at Georgia Power, and he interested me a lot with what he said and did and stuff," Jordan said.

Right now, Jordan is helping the Trojans build a successful season. Morgan says his teammates rely on his leadership and guidance.

"He's somebody that if they need help in the classroom or a tutoring session, he is going to get the job done, and Jordan's just that kind of a kid. He's just a joy to have around, no doubt about it," Morgan said.





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