Former Mercer Soccer Star Hits Game-Winning FG

10:41 AM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
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MACON-- Thirty seconds on the clock and 58 yards to go.  Saturday's contest between Reinhardt and Mercer came down to one drive and a 31-yard field goal.

Mercer stopped Reinhardt on 4th down and took over on their own 42 yard line.  On the second play of the drive, John Russ was forced out of the pocket and had to think fast.

"First throw, John threw in the dirt there, got a little pressure," explained Lamb.   "Actually, the second throw was suppose to be a little check-down rout to Payton Usher, who's really good in space as you can tell.  Payton missed the call.  He ended up blocking a blitzer which allowed John to slide outside in a scramble situation."

Lamb said they worked on situations like this in practice.

"We do scramble drills where the quarterback scrambles out and the receivers have certain areas they have to go to."

After Russ made the throw, Jordan Marshall had to make the catch.

"JoJo Marshall, who hasn't had a catch all night, makes a big catch and gets it down there and then our offense did a great job of what we call centering the ball. We centered the ball for our kicker," said Lamb.

Mercer then called on senior Josh Shutter to hit a 31-yard field goal and win the game.

"True story now.  I'm on the road recruiting.  Shutter just comes over here and he's buddies with some of the guys and they're out there kicking," explained Lamb.  "Amos Mansfield our trainer calls me and he goes, 'coach I don't know if you know who Josh Shutter is, but he's out here kicking 55 yard field goals.' I said first of all who's Josh Shutter? He said he's a soccer player. Oh yeah, I recognize the name.  

"We felt like coming into the season, at worst, he would be our kickoff guy because he has such a strong leg. "

Shutter hit the field goal and Mercer defeated Reinhardt 40-37.

The Bears will take a week off before hosting Warner on September 14.

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