Athlete of the Week: Andrew Weber

Andrew Weber can juggle with the best of them. Even with pressure from coaches and teachers, he never drops the ball.

Houston County soccer coach Jason Kirk says, "Andrew loves pressure. He really does. He kind of thrives with it. The more he's required to do, he'll actually put forth more effort."

Weber spends most of his time practicing on the pitch.

He says, "I pretty much play every day. If I don't have school practice, I usuallygo play with friends. I have ODP practice on Sundays, and sometimes club practice in Columbus."

All of his hard work paid off when he set foot on the field for his junior season. Weber ranks as one of the leading scorers for the Bears with 23 goals and 8 assists.

Kirk says, "He's working harder than most guys. He never complains. He loves to win so that really drives him. He likes being the best."

Weber knows the importance of using his head on the field and in the classroom. He has a 3.7 GPA and a schedule filled with advanced classes. Coaches and teachers say with his work ethic, Weber is wired for success.

Weber says, "If you're not wanting to win, you shouldn't really be on the field. Everyone wants to win that's on the field right now and that's why we're doing so well. In the classroom, my attitude is a little more strict, just trying to get my work done and do good in class."

The Bear wants to take his talents to the college level, but says only if he can score high numbers on the field and in his classes.


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