Athlete of the Week: Ciaira Locket

You wouldn't know it by watching her run up and down the court, but Ciaira Locket is returning to the lineup after a lengthy injury had her sidelined to begin this season. It's hard to tell because the senior hasn't lost a step.

Coach Melinda Traylor says, "She just got back from an injury and if you didn't know, you wouldn't know, but she's the kind of athlete that gives you all she has, all night long."

"Breaking my ankle, I think the most devastated was my coach, but I was just praying I could get back to my team. So having to sit back on the bench and watch my team was hard. Just going to therapy and waiting for him to release me so I can come back and help my team," says Locket.

Ciaira doesn't just lead by example on the floor, but also in the classroom to the tune of a 95.3 GPA, which is just as important to the senior as her teammates.

"She's an "A" student and an Honor Roll student, and we know when she goes to college, she will continue to be on the Dean's List," says Coach Traylor.

Locket says, "I don't slack off studying. If I have to get a tutor to get my grades up or take a few hours off from practice, Coach is OK with that. Just being with my team, they are a great group of people, and even if we lose, we know how to be humble and have a good time hanging together. I just love being with my girls and being able to play."

Her coach says having #10 back active on the roster is a plus, more for Ciaira's teammates than it is for her because she is such a role model.

Coach Traylor says, "She's a leader on and off the floor, and from night to night, when she's not on the floor, I know she's not out there. She's one of the those athletes that every coach desires to have. She keeps the momentum of the game going."

And with a resume like that, Ciaira Locket deserves the title "Athlete of the Week."

Ciaira and her teammates return back to the court Friday on the road in Lamar County.


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