Athlete of the Week: Donald Watkins

Donald Watkins is hard to miss whenever he is on the basketball court. At 6'7, he is one of the tallest players here in the area, and head coach Jamal Garman says he is glad to have him on his squad.

Watkins is a big man on the Demons Varsity basketball team and has been a pivotal force in the middle. The junior started about 5-6 games to begin the season, but has since adapted to coming off the bench in a reserve role.

Coach Garman says, "He's one of our backup guys that comes up real big for us off the bench. He is 6'7, does exactly what you tell him to do without even questioning what you ask him to do. He's a guy we can trust in and count on for our team."

"I'm real tall, but I'm a lot skinnier than most post players, so I like shooting from the mid-range. I can improve a lot on my post game, and I want to build more body mass, and I want to play on the next level," Watkins says.

The Demons are soaring high to the tune of a 17-2 record and ranked in the state's top ten poll for the first time in nearly 10 years. It's all a part of the culture that Garman says Watkins is helping change the scenery.

"We get along real well. Coach Garman tells us all the time that this is the best group he's ever had and we play unselfish. We all get along with each other, no problems on this team, and that's what's carrying us this far," says Watkins.

Watkins also scores big in the classroom. He is an Honors student and carries a 87 GPA. He hopes to play ball at the next level if not he wants to be prepared and Coach Garmon stresses that as well.

"Because everybody is not going to make it to the NBA or go overseas to play, but everyone has a chance to get their education. So, I always preach to these guys to look out from each other in the classroom and hold each other accountable and get your grades right because they will carry you through," says Garmon.

Watkins says, "If basketball doesn't work out for me, I still have to have a backup to go to college. That's what my parents want and that's what I want. Basketball isn't promised so I got to make it in some kind of way."


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