Athlete of the Week: Meshay Campbell

Basketball is just getting some traction on the season right now. The Westside girls team has high hopes to make it deep into the playoffs. One senior already has her future mapped out and wait until you hear how tough she is on the court.

Meshay Campbell is our Athlete of the Week.

Meshay Campbell went through a tough situation last year as a junior.

"I take pain easily and I'm kind of a the go-getter, I don't want to stop," she said with a smile.

Campbell is not kidding. She is the definition of gritty. We will let her explain why she's forced to wear a knee brace this year.

" I just had this big knot on the side of my knee and I was like Coach what is that," Campbell questioned.

Coach Candice Roberson made sure Campbell got to the doctor.

"We had it looked at and they said it might be a little tendinitis, Roberson recalled. She played the whole year and come to find out after her second track and field meet that she had torn her anterior cruciate ligament.

" I went to the doctor and they were like 'you have nothing in your knee'," Campbell said.

The knee healed and what she did have all of that time is what still guides the senior in and out of the classroom.

Call it determination, call it drive, or just call it good old hard work.

Campbell is only a fraction away from an "A" average and ranked in the top ten percent of her class.

"I'm 18 out of 222 to me I want to achieve more I want to be better than 18, the star student said. I think before Christmas break I will reach my goal of being an honor graduate."

"Meshay takes responsibility for her own education I don't have to tell her to go sign up for the ACT or the SAT or be in the front of the class or do your work.," Roberson bragged.

She takes her job on the court seriously too.

Thursday night she helped her team beat Central High school. Campbell dumped in 12 points but it's her work ethic on the other side of the court that impresses Roberson.

" I know defensively she's going to give it to me night in and night out, Roberson said. I'm proud to be able to coach her."

Colleges have taken notice.

Campbell plans to go to West Georgia.

"I chose it because other pre-dentistry programs that was my favorite I hope to one day become a dentist," Campbell projected.

That makes sense for the kid with a big smile.

"If she puts in the hard work that she's going in the classroom as well as on the court she can clean my teeth any day," Roberson said with a toothy grin.

Meshay said she wants to become an honor graduate. That means she would have an overall unweighted 90 grade point average. Right now she has an 89.3.

The Westside girls will hit the court Friday at Rutland for a holiday tournament.


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