Athlete of the Week: Nausia Woolfolk

When mom is your coach, the lessons are constant.

"It's an advantage because when you live with somebody that already played the sport. they teach you what they already know in addition to what you already know," said Peach County sophomore, Nausia Woolfolk.

Sometimes you learn things the hard way

"I can say and do what I want to be hard, and be a lot more aggressive," said Nausia's mother, Charlotte.

The point guard, and current Georgia scoring leader, was raised with a passion for basketball. Charlotte and Leonard began coaching their daughter in recreation leagues when she was five.

"I's been her life since then on and off the court," said Charlotte.

The elder Woolfolk is an assistant coach at Peach County high school. Her lessons rubbed off on Nausia, who instructs her teammates on the court.

"You've got to teach them what you learn and then you have to teach them to play as a team," said Nausia.

"I see a leader," said head coach, Maxine Cherry. "She was a freshman last year and I think a lot of girls looked up to her at that time too because she was a score and she kept the team going."

Cherry says Nausia is gifted, with an ability to control the game.

"The way she handles the ball when it's time to take over the game, I can see it in her eyes. [She's] that 'go-get-it' type of player."

Charlotte evaluates her daughter objectively.

"When we're up big on a team she's not selfish. She will pass the ball. She knows how to get her team involved."

Nausia took home all-region player of the year honors last season but when she isn't filling her role as Peach County's leader, she's hard at work in the academic arena.

"She takes her work very seriously. She puts her work before anything. She makes sure her work is done. That's weekend, testing, anything that has to be done in school, that's first and foremost for her."

Charlotte and Leonard raised Nausia with a focus on education. It's paid off. She's currently maintaining an A average in school.

"In order for me to play ball farther on, I have to get my work done first. I make sure I do my work so I can play, because I love the game."

Her mother adds some perspective.

"Injuries are possible in any sport. Make sure you do your work because if you get hurt you've got to have a degree to fall back on and I always push that with her."

Nausia's priorities are clear: If class is out, basketball is in.

"I focus when I'm in class, but when I come out of class, I talk about basketball most of the time."

Luckily for Peach County, the young talent will be around for two more seasons after this one.

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