Central Georgians react to Braves plan to leave Turner Field

Shock, frustration and disappointment.

That was the theme after the announcement that the Atlanta Braves plan to move to Cobb County.

Rick Howard has been attending Braves games since the early 1980s.

"Yeah I don't like it. I heard it this morning. I think a lot of people are not gonna like it," Howard said.

Tim Colvin agrees.

"Now they're gonna move to the other side of Atlanta? They're not considering our spot. A lot of fans are from the south of Atlanta, and they travel up there which is a lot more convenient for us to get in and out of the stadium."

And he says it's not just the headache of additional time spent in traffic.

They worry the move isn't fiscally responsible.

"I don't see the way the economy is spending all that money to build a new stadium. I mean it works out fine. It's efficient. I mean if we were winning the world series every year or going to the world series I might understand a little bit of it, but I mean that stadium's just fine. I mean it's not that old," he said.

There's also an emotional attachment to Turner Field, which opened in 1997.

"All the memories that we've had at Turner Field and of course you were right next to Fulton County Stadium. It just seems a little more nostalgic with that downtown area making it a lot easier. It's kind of the same way with the Georgia Dome," said Chad Harper.

But even though Harper's upset, he doesn't plan on missing any games.

"Gonna be a headache, but I'm definitely still gonna go to the games.I always wanna support my team," he said.


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