Join a free obstacle course workout this weekend

If you're still feeling a little guilty about all that turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, don't worry. There is a free, intense, and fun workout happening this Saturday morning at Central City Park in Macon. Here is how you can get involved in obstacle course racing with the Spartan group.

Think of this like a big playground for adults. Coach Matthew Waller is a coach in obstacle course racing.

"We're definitely doing the things we were told not to do as a child. The difference is we get to buy our own clothes and have to wash them afterwards," Waller said.

Getting dirty is half the fun in an obstacle course.
These guys are training for their next event.
They call themselves Spartan Racers, and the real estate is anything but routine.

Liana Rogers went through her first test in Tampa earlier this year.

"I started out at the compound in July very out of shape and overweight. Everyone has seen my transformation over the past few months," she said.

Rogers welcomed the new routes on her road to fitness.

"The rush is just doing things you haven't done in years," Rogers explained. "Pushing up a jump rope, climbing over a wall, jumping on tires, flipping tires, climbing cargo nuts, jumping off a plant fifteen feet into the water, you know, just things that at 40 or over 40, I don't commonly do."

Coach Matthew Waller says the regiment of just running sparked him into becoming a Spartan.

" I had done a couple of small road races, half marathon here, and that kind of stuff, and just the monotony of being on the road, needed an iPod to keep me going. Was a bit harder for me," Waller explained.

Now he motivates folks to keep working, in fact you can give this thing a trial run this weekend for free!

"Our whole goal is to get people off the couch watching TV and watching life go by on the TV and act, participating in life," Waller said.

And don't worry if you can't get up the rope just yet. Remember, it's a process.

"Anything and everything can be modified. We train people," Waller said with a smile.

And remember Liana Rogers, check out what she's proud of on her racing resume.

"So there were monkey bars, too, and I managed to make it across the monkey bars, which was my best moment," she bragged.

It would make the kid in anyone pretty proud.

The workout is this Saturday at Central City Park. You do have to register in advance, but once again, it is free, and you get a shirt.

It goes from 8 am until 10 am, rain or shine.
But don't worry, Waller says they will give folks plenty of breaks, but you do need to bring your own water or something to drink.

By the way, Suzanne Lawler says she is going to try and go, and she's already flipped one tire.


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