Mayhem have strategic plan for success

In September of 2015, the town's newest developmental hockey team will take to the ice.

If you've lived here for awhile, you may remember the Macon Whoopee and the Macon Trax.

These guys will be the Macon Mayhem and they have a few strategies in place to make sure folks fill seats at the Centreplex.

With the stroke of a pen, Macon-Bibb scored a hockey team when they signed a contract in front of several dozen folks Wednesday morning.

Team owner Bob Kerzner told folks he enjoyed all the enthusiasm.

"We say, 'Can you believe the enthusiasm for ice hockey?,'" he said.

Kerzner bragged about support for the Mayhem, but in reality, Macon's minor league past reads like a chaotic novel. Remember the Trax? And who could forget the Macon Whoopee?

But history hasn't scared this group away. In fact, the Mayhem will play in the Southern Professional Hockey League which has been around since 2004. The league President Jim Combs says they care about the fans even more than advancing the careers of hockey players.

"We've been able to maintain our model financially to keep in inexpensive for the fan to come," Combs said.

Plus even though the team won't hit the ice for about a year and a half, they already have a rivalry with the Columbus Cottonmouths.

In fact, their general manager, Wanda Amos came to Wednesday's press conference and recalled when the reptiles played the Whoopee.

"It was not unusual for a couple hundred Macon fans to come to Columbus and a couple of hundred fans would come to Macon so very excited about that, Amos said with a smile.

Kerzner won't be happy if the Mayhem lose to the Cottonmouths or anyone else on the schedule. His wife said he's even grouchy on the way home. So check out his strategy on building his Macon Barbarians.

"Forwards are easy to find I like to build my team from the goal tender up, Kerzner said. I want really really good goaltenders because a goalie can steal a game for you where a great forward can't."

But in the end the Mayhem will survive if folks fill the Plex.
Kerzner figures for that to happen it may not depend on wins and losses.

"Look at the Cleveland Browns in football for instance they haven't had a winning team in years or in the playoffs but they still get the attendance to get the people to come you have to grow a love and a passion, Kerzner said.

Well growing that passion isn't going to happen immediately.

Right now they don't have a website and as for Jerseys Kerzner says they hope to have them on sale in a few weeks.

As for the schedule, when they start in October of 2015 they approximate they will have 28 home games primarily on Friday's and Saturday's and 28 road games.

They have to turn in dates to the league by May 1.


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