Travis Jones shares Super Bowl memories

Players, coaches and fans can wait a lifetime for their team to win the Superbowl.

One coach from Wilkinson county now sports two diamond studded World Championship rings.

Travis Jones won his first big game with the New Orleans Saints as a defensive line assistant.

Two years ago, he got the head defensive line job with the Seahawks.
And even though he's now a West Coast guy, he still finds time to hang out with some smaller athletes every June.

It sounds like training camp at the Bibb Sports Complex these days. Coaches bark orders as kids run through drills.

" This is about fundamentals for each kid. This is not a camp where you just toss around a football," Jones said.

Sidney Bailey lined up with the guys. Her Dad is one of the coaches. But she still sees the value in working on the little things.

"I like coming to this camp because I can take the stuff I learn here onto the Lacrosse field and it's really just good experience," she said.

Sammy Martin plays for the Stratford Eagles in Macon.

" I can use these skills when I go to Stratford and help them out ... A lot of this stuff the coaches haven't gone over and it's pretty cool," he said.

Jones says for every kid who thinks they've gained a valuable experience, there is a coach that is thinking the same thing.

"It's like Christmas for all the coaches that come out here and give their time," Jones explained. "They have an opportunity to relate their experiences to these kids here so it's very enjoyable for us to see the smiles on their faces and see them having a good time."

And speaking of having a good time, one highlight of the camp is when Jones rolls out the bling.

He has two Superbowl rings now, one from his days as a coach of the New Orleans Saints and just recently a World Championship win with the Seahawks.

" I'm going to show them to the guys here today and give them a chance to experience it because as a child I never saw a Superbowl ring so I'd like to share with these kids the experience I've had," Jones said.

Jones knows firsthand how hard it is to make it in the NFL, but he hopes these hot summer days pay off for kids down the road.

"And I'd like to see these kids 10 or 12 years from now and see them compete and get scholarships at the next level and beyond, Jones said.

The camp continues Saturday at the Bibb County Sports Complex.

Registration is at 7:30 a.m. and it runs until 1 p.m.

It's absolutely free and it's a great chance for your little athlete to work with skilled coaches and of course see those Superbowl rings.

By the way, Jones also thinks that Atlanta could do big things this year. He says Mike Smith does a great job and they are right on the verge of greatness.


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