Financial expert Sherri Goss gives you answers to your questions.

Q: I heard you talking about Social Security wanting us to go paperless. If I already have direct deposit, do I need to do anything?

A: No, you are all set. If you ever want to change your direct deposit, all you have to do is go to, and create a login and password for "My Social Security." This will give you access to your benefit information, and allow you to change direct deposit online.

Q: I do not want direct deposit, and I currently receive my Social Security check in the mail each month. What should I do? I called Social Security, and all they could tell me is I would get my check next month, in the mail.

A: You will start receiving mailings from Social Security, encouraging you to sign up for direct deposit, but you need to know that they will continue to mail you your check. They can't stop sending it to you.

Q: My husband was injured in a wreck, and is now being told that he can't work for a year. He went to the unemployment office, and they told him he should apply for Social Security disability. Do you think he should do this? We are not receiving any income.

A: Absolutely. That is what Social Security disability is for. Go to the office as soon as possible, and ask them if there are other benefits you may qualify for while you are going through this.

Q: My son receives Social Security benefits because my husband died. He is already on direct deposit. Is there anything else we need to do?

A: No, you are all set.

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