For the last five years, The Wellness Center of Central Georgia has opened its doors to folks who want to workout before the big meal.

Thursday morning dozens of folks did jumping jacks, pedaled bicycles and lifted weights. Instructors told the group they could burn up to a thousand calories.

For the last two years, Robin Castro has asked folks to bring in items for the Dove Center. This year, they collected disposable razors.

Some of the folks we chatted with said they have different reasons for coming.

Ellis Benson was one of a few guys that braved the workout.

"I'm a morning person, so I got up and put in the turkey and came here," he explained.

Betsy Thornton said this year she just wanted to get moving.

"I usually sit at home and watch the parade," she said with a grin.

The class was open for everyone, non-members just paid a $5 fee for the 60-minute workout.

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