Rapper Young Jeezy along with the National Lighthouse Foundation brought a truck full of toys to the Stone Academy at the Booker T. Washington community center in Macon Monday afternoon.

13WMAZ was there to see the grand giveaway.

J.R. Henderson, a spokesman for the rapper says , "Jeezy, he really believes in giving back to the community at large you know this is the fifth toy giveaway that we've done this year."

He says a lot of hard work went into the giveaway and a lot of money. In fact he estimates they spent over $12,000 on toys.

"This is a community that is really important to him so he wrote a check and the staff went out and purchased a lot of toys for these young people." says Henderson.

Athletes from Mercer University helped hand out toys to the children. Among the toys given were scooters, remote controls cars and bicycles.

Henderson spoke to the cafeteria full of children before the giveaway. "The mission is for the students to leave this building knowing that they have a responsibility. Not only do they have a responsibility to go to school and make awesome grades, but they also have a responsibility to once they become the doctors, and the lawyers, and the Young Jeezys they have a responsibility to give back to their community."

Henderson told 13WMAZ that both of his parents growing up were drug addicts and he spent most of his childhood in foster homes. He says that's one of the reasons giving back is so important to him.

"For me to see these children get an opportunity to do some of the things that I wasn't able to do as a child or even some of the things that Young Jeezy wasn't able to as a child is very important to us."

They also made a stop in Hawkinsville, unfortunately Young Jeezy wasn't able to make it to Macon. Henderson says he had some transportation issues and had to make it to another engagement in Los Angeles.

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