Many New Year's resolutions are already underway, as some people spent part of the day working out at Planet Fitness in Macon.

"Jan. 1 is a great time to wake up and stay focused. It's the first day of the year so I'm really trying to just push," said Alex Myers of Atlanta.

Savannah Alday said, "My New Year's resolution is just to get back into shape. I've got to get ready for summer, singing, and beach fun."

Some people say the beginning of the year is the best time to purchase gym memberships, because most gyms offer discounts.

Some first-timers say working out with family members or friends makes the task easier.

Brenda Morley signed up for a membership with her husband, and their son.

"He wants to tone up quite a bit, and I want to get a little bit of this off," Morley said, while pointing to her waistline.

Others say working out isn't new to them, but they made resolutions to improve their lives in other ways.

"Any New Year's resolution whether it's working out, or nutrition, or just trying to do whatever it is ... you need to stay on top of it," said Jaryn Boone.

"I've got other ones ... get right with God and be a leader for my family," said Gerold Miller.

According to a CBS News poll, sixty-eight percent of Americans say they don't make resolutions.

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