Sometimes in life you stumble into a talent.

That's what happened to D'vante Penamon.

The senior is smart enough to recognize what works in the classroom and on the field and for that he is our Athlete of the Week.

D'vante Penamon takes french class at Mary Person's High School. Yet he speaks a universal language that every teacher can appreciate.

Mrs. Newell runs the foreign language class through their paces and has a lot of respect for the athlete that sits in the front row. "His grades are stellar in almost every class he takes, just a good kid," she said with a smile.

He carries a 92 average and ranks 32nd out of a class of 252 students. Even with that kind of a resume he still wants to do better. "There are times when I slack off, I want to become a better student in class," Penamon admitted.

Those words can spark some teasing from Penamon's peers.
"Yea they laugh at me they tell me to be quiet a lot because they say you're already smart you go to sleep and you know it," he said.

Basketball is a game the senior has always loved, but it's the pigskin that may carry Penamon to the next level. Colleges like Mercer have already called about the receiver.

"I never liked football really, but in my junior year I decided to go out, and I saw I did see interest in it, Penamon explained, "It just stuck with me and now it's my favorite sport."

Head coach Virgil Amey says Penamon is his hype guy, a wing that bounces around like an Energizer Bunny, and he figures the senior will do well with his outlook on life and his persistence in the classroom.

"You can't go wrong," Amey said, "He is a great student, great athlete, very competitive on the football field, great hands, quick very athletic. I think he'll do well at the next level."

And that makes sense in any language. Penamon wants to play football and study engineering in college. He picked that kind of a major because he thinks it will be interesting, and he says he want to be an innovator.