Macon Police Chief Mike Burns says he's investigating photos that seem to show uniformed police officers playing football behind some stores Thursday afternoon.

He said he's sent those photos to Internal Affairs and asked them to investigate.

One photo shows six parked police cruisers; another shows five officers playing football.

Burns says they are investigating what happened and it should wrap up by Monday morning.

Burns says the officers are from Precinct 4 at the Macon Mall.

In an email, Burns says, "This is not acceptable, even if they were off duty." He says the officers will be disciplined.

Steve Thompson of Macon shared the photos with 13WMAZ Thursday and posted them to his Facebook page. He said they were taken by an employee at a store on Presidential Parkway around 4:15 p.m. Thursday. He would not identify that person.

Thompson said he removed the photos from Facebook on Friday because he didn't want the store employee to get in trouble.

He said he went public with the photos because he was upset about seeing his "tax dollars at work" in that way.

Burns says they plan to talk to witnesses for more information.

The chief says as many as 75-80 officers patrol the streets of Macon during the day.

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