Students of this week's top teacher say she keeps her class hoppin'. In this week's My Teacher is Tops Report, Junior Journalist Logan Arnold stops by Thompson Middle School.

Mrs. Nikki Brewer has been teaching middle school math for ten years. She says she loves it, but it can get stressful. "They might be one person in the morning and another person in the afternoon but they're both beautiful versions of themselves you know I love them."

To relieve some of that stress she busts a move in her classroom.

"She'll like do little fun things like singing and dancing." says Kayla Jones, who wrote us a letter nominating her top teacher.

Mrs. Brewer says dancing and telling jokes is her way of making her students feel comfortable.

"I am a little bit goofy and we do have fun, you know we have a lot of fun in my classroom, but at the end of the day I hold my student to a very high standard and they know that. "

Eighth grader, Miranda Thigpen says Mrs. Brewer always tells her students about her family.

"She's personal with us and wants us to do our best." says Thigpen.

Brewer says she thinks sharing with her students helps her connect and be a better teacher.

"I know how precious my children are to me and how much they mean to me, and I know the passion that I have for my kids and their education. Whenever my students come into the classroom, they're that person for some body else." says Brewer.

Javion Johnson says his teacher pushed them to achieve.
"When we fail grades or when we haven't done our best, bomb tests she never gave up on us, she always told us to try harder." says Johnson.

This week we were at Thompson Middle School in Centerville, but next week we could be at your school. If you want to nominate your favorite teacher, send us a one-page, handwritten letter to:

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