Printing EKG screens is a thing of the past at Coliseum Medical Center. Now, they have an app for that.

The Airstrip Cardiology app lets doctors check in on their patients from anywhere with an internet connection. The app shows a ten second view of the patient's heart screen.

Cardiopulmonary Director Jason Cunningham says the new technology speeds up treatment, but most patients never see it at work.

He says, "As soon as the EKG is done on an ambulance coming in, that EKG is transferred to the hospital. So, the cardiologist can view the EKG and make a decision even before the patient gets to the hospital."

Dr. Maria Bartlett says she uses the app every day. She says, "The benefits are exponential. It could save lives. Certainly it will allow the physician to make better decisions, move more quickly on heart attacks, and potentially save lives."

Coliseum Medical Center has only been using the app for a month, but some doctors say it is already a tool they don't want to be without.