Earlier this month Stratford Academy had a record breaking class sign on the dotted line for college scholarships. Among the six seniors sat Charlie Grossnickle who earned a full ride to Williams College in Massachusetts for his football lineman skills.

Grossnickle is our Athlete of the Week, and once you hear his plans for the future you will see why he was an easy pick.

Charlie Grossnickle just picked up the sport of discus last season, but like many things in his life, with some hard work he found success.

His coach Walt Mays has respect for the senior who wanted to try something different. "It took a little while because it's an unnatural movement spinning around in a circle with a heavy plate in your hand, but he's a pretty good athlete," Mays said.

He's such a good athlete that Williams College offered the senior a scholarship to become a lineman for the fighting Purple Cows.

"Well he's also such a smart kid, and he's an intelligent kid, and he works hard at it and the reward is going to a place like Williams College, the number one liberal arts program in the country," Mays said.

Grossnickle says when he went on his visit found out a lot of the athletes put out some high expectations for themselves in the classroom.

"I just really like history, so I decided that's what I want to do in school. And on the flip side I may double major in biology that's what a lot of the guys on the team do they just take enough extra classes that they major in something else, so I'll go biology and get my pre-med requirements. So I can possibly do something like that," Grossnickle explained.

The rigors of pre-med and history sit months down the road.

For now he's got some lofty goals for this season with that heavy plate. Last year the newbie qualified for state in the field event.

"But he wound up seventh in the state and he earned two points and he joked that if we won by two points he was going to take credit for it and we won state by two points so it was Charlie's victory, Mays said.

"I was just trying to knock out someone from Mount De Sales or Tattnall or any of our rival schools," Grossnickle recalled, "A couple of people scratched and I got two points it was an amazing coincidence."

Charlie carries a 3.7 grade point average at Stratford and that's with advanced placement courses scattered in his schedule.

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