Friday night the Westside girls' basketball team will begin its quest for a state title. The Seminoles went 23-5 this year. One of the smaller kids on the squad has a big role on the court, and she's a force in the classroom. Because Erin Stubbs balances every aspect of her life, she is "Our Athlete of the Week."

Head Coach Deb Baber figures her Seminoles could do well in the post season, and her point guard is a big part of the equation. Erin Stubbs is averaging five assists and five points a game. The senior isn't showy, but she's solid and dependable in the ways that don't show up in the statistics. "Sometimes it's not all about offense," Stubbs reasoned. It's about defense, and that's what I like about basketball, I like to be competitive and harrass other players."

Baber says the effort pays off. "Erin handles the ball, she lifts the girls up, she pats them on the back, even though she's tiny, she will do the muscle thing and get them all excited. She's very important to this program. I can't say enough about that."

Stubbs is also book-smart. She sports a 3.7 grade point average, and that's with a hefty load of advanced placement courses.

"She is smart, and not only is she smart, she works at it. She wants to make 100," Baber said. "She's not satisfied with a C, she is not satisfied with a B, she wants to make high grades, and to do that in the classes she is in, you have to work, and she stresses out about it because she wants to do well."

Stubbs says that drive to do well started early at home.
"My mom and dad pushed me, and at one point, I couldn't bring home anything lower than an 85, and if I did, I would get in trouble, and ever since then, I've been pushing myself," Stubbs said.

Stubbs admits it's a balancing act, running things on the court and striving for A's in the classroom, but she wouldn't have it any other way. " I'm really enjoying it. I like being challenged," she said with a grin.

The Noles will hit the road to take on Westover in the first round of the tournament. Westover bounced Westside out of the sweet sixteen last season. Baber says her kids will have their work cut out for them against the Patriots.

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