Hundreds came out to the Cherry Blossom Festival Street Party on Saturday.

People were able to listen to live music from artists like Rodney Atkins and Digital Underground on two differentstages.

"I would say the music, I want to see everybody having a good time, I want to see the country atmosphere, I want to see everybody get down and dirty in the South," said Melissa Russo, who came from Long Island.

The streets were also filled with good food. Folks snacked on things like gyros, fried candy bars, and Italian sausage sandwiches.

"I plan on getting one of those sausages with the onions on there and maybe a corn dog and I want some lemonade," said Taren Pineset of Warner Robins.

"I haven't had a turkey leg before," said Leisha Chester of Atlanta. "It just feels funny carrying around a turkey leg but they look so good."

Some said it's great to be able to share the Cherry Blossom tradition with their families.

"What's important is trying to build memories so that's the reason why I wanted to bring my family and hopefully my son will bring his family and continue the tradition," said Benjamin Chester.

The Cherry Blossom Festival wraps up on Sunday with a grand finale at Wesleyan College starting at 5 p.m. The freeevent will feature fireworks, food, and live music.

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