For Caleb Watson, running track comes naturally. He usually racks up 65-70 miles a week at practice.

Mary Persons track coach Brian Nelson says, "He is a tremendously hard worker. He puts in the extra miles in practice and at home, and it really paid off for him on the track."

Watson made a name for himself during his first track season. He took home gold in the 1600 and 3200 meter races in last year's championship meet.

Nelson says, "It was a breakout season for him. No one really knew who he was, and he just burst out on the scene. This year wehave even higher expectations for him, and I think he has higher expectations for himself."

Watson sets the bar pretty high for himself in the classroom too. The junior carries a 3.8 GPA with a schedule full of advanced classes.

He says, "I'm not going to make a life out of running, so I need a good education."

The Bulldog crams in a few extra-curriculars in his spare time, from community service projects through the Mary Persons Key Club to performances with his church's youth choir.

Nelson says, "He's got a full plate, but he knows how to juggle it and how to be good at all of it."

Watson started this season off on the right foot. He has already set personal records in most of his events, but Watson says he won't slow down until he sees winning numbers on the clock and on his report card.

He says, "At the end of the day, you look back and you're glad you did it all."