The man accused of killing and decapitating Mercer Law school graduate Lauren Giddings is facing a $850,000 bond.

Part of the evidence District Attorney Greg Winters presented in Stephen McDaniel's bond hearing was a graphic post from a online discussion forum called OPERATORchan.

Winters read the post to the judge, which in part says "make her a special drink called a mickey finn. She's out cold. I finally lose my v-card. Oh no she o.D.'d and died. I barbecue her arms and legs to celebrate losing my v-card. Not in to organ meat. Throw her torso out. Lose it on tv while the cops are discovering her remains."

Winters says they know poster was McDaniel, using the name SoL, or Son of Liberty because there are pictures of him with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas under the same name, and a witness identified McDaniel as SoL.

However, one of McDaniel's attorneys, Frank Hogue, said he doubts his client wrote the post read in court, because it refers to hours on June 30 when McDaniel was under constant police supervision, and couldn't have typed a confession on the internet.

"So that means that if he wrote it," said Hogue, "it had to have been written prior to those events having occured, and so you would have had to predict that police were gonna find the torso and that TV cameras would have to be in a place where he could pretend to be losing it on TV. I don't know, that stretches credibility in my view."

The current administrators of OPERATORchan say they don't keep extensive archives, and can't provide date-stamped copies of the post, but they say because of the nature of the site, anyone could have posted using the SoL nickname.

Since the April 4 bond hearing, at least five people have posted on the site using the screen name SoL, others have written as Stephen McDaniel himself, while a few more say they remember the post read in court, and that it was posted long after McDaniel's arrest.

Hogue says it's not unusual to present evidence in a bond hearing without calling a live witnesses, but he says Winters couldn't use the post at trial without providing a judge evidence that it was actually written by McDaniel.

"I don't say he doesn't have that," Hogue says. "I just say he didn't produce it at the bond hearing and I won't get the chance to investigate it further until I get the evidence in a week. And I assume that somewhere in the evidence they're gonna provide to us, there will be a copy of the post and perhaps a report by someone who's a computer expert, or this witness that he didn't name that can tie it to McDaniel, or at least purport to tie it to McDaniel."

Discovery, the part of the case where the prosecution turns over its evidence to the defense team, is supposed to take place April 20. Hogue says that is when he and his co-attorney Floyd Buford can begin to investigate the validity of the post.