It's a second day of lights, camera, action as Harrison Ford's new movie "42" rolls into day two of filming here.

FULL COVERAGE: The Filming of '42'

They're filming the story of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, and on Friday, the cast and crew have moved on to Macon's Luther Williams Field.

For the filming, the stadium bears the name "City Island Park" -- the name of the Brooklyn Dodgers' spring training home in 1947.

Dozens of extras got the call overnight to report to Central City Park and the historic old ballyard.

Many of them are baseball players with college or professional experience.

One of them today told 13WMAZ that they're filming spring-training scenes. The player told us his arm is hurting from all the takes.

Tony Baker of Atlanta said star Harrison Ford appeared on the set and joked with some of the ballplayer extras. He said the Hollywood legend seemed like a down-to-earth nice guy.

Meanwhile, movie prep work is continuing at other sites around the city.

Movie crews began working on new facades for several businesses on Third Street. The businesses -- Central Park Pizza, Blair's Furniture, Kaybee and others -- will stand in for shops in Daytona Beach, Florida, in the movie.

And crews also continued work at a home on High and Orange streets that's tentatively scheduled for filming next week. The movie makers are also doing prep work on two adjacent homes -- one of them owned by former congressman Jim Marshall.

Macon police closed off part of High Street to clear the way for the filmmakers.