According to a AAA study, a driver using theu cell phone will look away from the road for a full second longer than for any other distraction.

In just that one extra second, they say someone driving 65 miles per hour could travel about the length of an entire basketball court.

Ten teens from across central Georgia volunteered to help us show what can happen in that almost 100 foot distance.

With their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, the teens made it from one end of our imaginary road to the other without even a side-swipe.

For round two, they closed their eyes or looked down at their cell phones, and things didn't run as smoothly.

One of our drivers,Eryn Slocumbsays, "We were all over the place, and we didn't know where we were going when we had our eyes closed. It's sort of like when you're texting while driving."

After our demonstration, almost all of our drivers admitted to running into another person when they had their eyes closed.

Ashley Duke, anothervolunteer,says, "It was very dangerous because you can't see, and you aren't paying attention. If something is coming at you, even if you look, it might be too late."

Some of our drivers admitted to sending a text from behind the wheel every now and then, but they say the demonstration reminded them that glancing down at their phones, even for one second, could lead to a lifetime of problems.