If you're looking to celebrate the Fourth of July with live music and entertainment, stop by Lake Wildwood in Bibb County.

The neighborhood is offering the Extreme Concert Tour.

The tour started four years ago when Scott Lack and his family sold everything and decided to take their message of hope on the road.

This year's tour consists of four Christian bands.

This is the first year that Lack's band will team up with these groups.

Lack said, that although the tour is a Christian one, the message is about inspiring people from all walks of life.

"Our goal is to reach the lost and the hurting people," he explained. "When we say lost, we mean people that feel lost and they've just been broken down by life and things have just crashed down in their world. And we're there, just these random people smiling, saying we have something to offer you."

The extreme concert tour starts at six tonight.