The Macon Water Authority has released its report on Monday's spill at 1083 S. Pine Knoll Drive. According to the MWA's laboratory director, water samples indicated no impact from the minor spill.

The MWA says it monitors the Ocmulgee River weekly and they do it at the River North bridge and the Otis Redding Bridge atMLK Jr. Drive.

The test locations are upstream and downstream from the S. Pine Knoll Drive.

The sewage spill was noticed by Roland Neel, whose home faces the river on S. Pine Knoll Drive.


he water authority says at least 4,680 gallons spilled from the time the pipe burst until crews fixed it.

To qualify as a "major spill" that would trigger mandatory water testing and other precautions, MWA says the spill would have to be 10,000 gallons.

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