Macon police continue their investigation into the shooting deaths of 26-year-old Antonio Fluellyn and 25-year-old Deundra Emory. They were shot last Thursday night at a home on Cowan Street in east Macon. Police are still looking for tips from the public on this case.

Investigators say they questioned one person of interest in the case this week. That man, Rodney Lanier Lowery, is in the Bibb County jail on an unrelated probation violation charge. Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet said Lowery remains a person of interest in this case, but she declined to comment further.

Gaudet said tips from the public even the small ones can make a difference in a case.

"When we have these bits of information from people who live in the area or know the victims or know the suspects or have some relationship to the area where the crime occurred, we never know where that one piece of information is going to crack a case for us," said Gaudet.

13WMAZ called both the Fluellyn family and the Emory family, they all declined to comment. The Emory family said they were busy with funeral plans. Deundra Emory will be buried Saturday.

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