The challenger for Bibb County chairman, a seatnow held by Sam Hart, announceda 10-point, 365-day "business plan" he would implement if elected.

Tom Wagoner, a Macon business owner, said the county doesn't benefit from "waiting on consolidation."

He says that's why he's introduced a plan to bridge the year between the beginning of the next chairman's term and the start of the new Macon-Bibb consolidated government in 2014.

At hisnews conference Thursday--moved from the front of the courthouse steps into the shade of Mulberry Street park--Wagoner highlighted four points from his plan.

First, he said he would build an interim animal shelter, and noted his displeasure with the way local animal rights activists have been treated at commission meetings.

He pledged to "edit and audit" the ethics code because he says he's seen commissioners violate the current code. After the press conference, he gave as an example the hiring of a health plan consultant without issuing a request for proposals first.

Hart was traveling to a meeting in Calloway and could not be reached for comment.

Wagoner also said "people talk about city council being dysfunctional" because county commission meetings aren't televised. He would change that.

On the topic of meetings, he said he would abolish the three-limit on the public addressing the commission. He says that a time limit shouldn't be necessary if the chairman is doing his job, controlling the meeting.

Tangentially, Wagoner referenced a lawsuit filed against the county by a probate judge. He said the chairman should have sat down with the judge before the problem ever escalated to a lawsuit, but when pressed, he said he could not confirm that the chairman hadn't tried.

Elsewhere in his plan, Wagoner promises to apply his business experience to reduce the county budget by up to $1 million and examine the process for vendor contracts with the county.

His last pledge is that, if elected, he would refuse to take payment for the position.

Wagoner faces Hart in the general election on November 6.

Tom Wagoner's Declaration to the People

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