A Black Hawk helicopter made a special appearance at Stratford Academy Friday.

The chopper, along with the Black Daggers parachute team, will perform before the school kicks off against Westfield Friday night.

They gave kids a chance to hop on board and try on their gear.

The pilots and jumpers travel across the nation every year participating in events like this.

The Black Daggers perform almost1,500 jumps a month between shows and practices during their show season.

Stratford brought in the crew as part of their Military Appreciation day.

Stratford senior Tommy Lind, whose dad served in the Navy, says, "It really makes you think, especially for some of my teammates who don't already have a military background, it makes them think more about the people that serve for them and to protect their freedom."

The Black Daggers will bring in the American flag and the game ball at Stratford's game. Their show starts at 7 p.m. Kickoff is at 7:30.