In a struggling economy, Americans are still willing to spend money at the gas station.

"I say around a week, I spend around $225 on gas," says Roderick Green from Macon.

Brittny Johnson, who was filling up her tank, says she spends "a good $120."

Drivers are forking over the green for gasoline and they're definitely feeling the pinch.

"I travel a lot for my job from Atlanta to Florida. I fill up quite a bit. It takes up a big chunk of my paycheck," says Johnson.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis Americans' personal income grew by just 0.1 percent from July to August.

Consumer spending grew 0.5 percent, but would've basically flat lined if it hadn't been for higher gas prices.

This kind of spending drives the economy but it doesn't mean things are looking better.

"It does look like the economy is very sluggish. A lot of the staples people depend on - food, gas - those prices are higher than we'd like to see them," says Greg George the Macon State College Director for Economic Analysis.

"I usually don't pay much attention to how much it costs to be honest with you. Because if I do, I'll stay home," says Johnson.

"Yea it's a lot. It's a lot to me. We're struggling out here," agrees Green.

This necessity is becoming burden but there are some shortcuts.

"You can curtail your gas expenditures by carpooling, cutting down on your driving or buying a more fuel efficient car," says George.